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Welcome to the Rates and Etiquette page, where you will find detailed information on the investment for luxury companionship services, along with essential guidelines to ensure a respectful and enjoyable experience for both parties.

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  1. Respectful Communication: Always communicate in a respectful and polite manner. Abstain from using vulgar language or making inappropriate requests.

  2. Punctuality: Value Nathalie's time by being punctual for your appointments. If you are running late, please inform her as soon as possible.

  3. Discretion: Maintain a high level of discretion at all times. Respect Nathalie's privacy, and expect the same in return.

  4. Hygiene: Personal hygiene is of utmost importance. Please ensure you are well-groomed and clean for your time together.

  5. Payment Protocol: Honor the agreed-upon rates and payment methods. Payments should be made promptly and discreetly at the beginning of the appointment.

  6. Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, do so with ample notice. Last-minute cancellations may incur a fee or impact future bookings.

  7. Boundaries: Respect Nathalie's boundaries and limitations. Consent and mutual comfort are key to a positive experience.

  8. Gifts and Tokens: While not mandatory, small tokens of appreciation or gifts are always welcomed and can add a thoughtful touch to your encounter.

  9. Feedback: Constructive feedback is appreciated. It helps in enhancing the quality of the companionship experience.

  10. Health and Safety: Adhere to all health and safety guidelines. This includes disclosing any relevant health information that might impact the encounter.

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