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About me

By nature, Nathalie Amorette is a person who loves to give. She is affectionate, with a gentle touch, offering a listening ear, engaging in cozy conversations, and characterized by her sparkling laughter. She is an impressive lady with whom one can have an intelligent conversation.

Genuine, combining beauty and brains, Nathalie has a warm personality and spontaneity, with a playful spirit. She stands as a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the world of luxury companionship.

Her striking blonde hair, captivating face, and gracefully toned physique blend seamlessly with her style, which mixes classic elegance with a touch of sensuality.

Beyond her stunning appearance, Nathalie is renowned for her ability to forge deep, genuine connections, bringing warmth and understanding to every encounter.

Her professionalism and commitment to discretion ensure a memorable and private experience for those who seek her company. Nathalie's presence is a rare combination of intellectual depth, emotional warmth, and a dedication to the art of companionship.

She offers not just her beauty, but also meaningful and engaging companionship, making every moment spent with her both enchanting and unforgettable.


My Services

Nathalie Amorette is a passionate and comforting presence, easily making those around her feel at ease. She is a highly experienced tantra masseuse, known for her slow, explorative approach that leads to intense peaks of pleasure. Nathalie's technique involves a journey of discovery, sensitively exploring every part of the body.

From a young age, Nathalie has been dedicated to sports, maintaining her body in top condition. She possesses a slender figure with curves in all the right places, featuring beautiful full breasts, round buttocks, and a wasp waist, all complemented by her velvety soft skin.

Nathalie offers a perfect blend of sensuality, eroticism, and romance. Her skills in tantra massage create a serene atmosphere of intimacy, where every touch is a deeper emotional and physical connection. She understands the nuances of human interaction, offering a unique experience that reaches beyond the physical to touch the essence of her companion.

Nathalie's encounters are marked by mutual respect and understanding, creating a tranquil space for shared enjoyment.

In Nathalie's company, you'll experience the beauty of softness and warmth in a nurturing, romantic ambiance. She brings elegance and sophistication to her sensual services, ensuring her companions feel valued and deeply connected. With Nathalie Amorette, you embark on a transcendent journey of sensual serenity and romantic connection.


Little Details

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Early 40's




Dutch, English, French


Health Sciences


French and Italian





Love and Passion




She radiates kindness and warmth, her inviting nature and infectious sense of fun making everyone around her feel instantly at ease and joyfully engaged.

Date preferences

Dinner dates, Spa, hotel







A captivating blonde beauty, she enchants with her striking blue eyes and a warm, inviting smile that lights up the room.


A picture of fitness and poise, with a toned physique and full curves, always elegantly dressed in outfits that exude class and sophistication.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

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